Edging Colours

Thermoplastic Edging, produced by extrusion and sheet calendaring, are made of ABS polymers. With the increase in demand for high quality durable furniture, edging has risen in popularity across the industry. Thermoplastic edging is an integral part of furniture and are becoming more important as the design feature of the furniture. Our ABS edging is available in a variety of thicknesses, colours, qualities and textures, offering value finishes for relatively low costs.

ABS Edging is produced from a plastic material named (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).
ABS Edging shares most of PVC Edging characteristics, but ABS Edging is of lighter composition (lower density), do not include chlorine in its composition and is not flame retardant.
ABS edging are 100% recyclable ((thermo-disposable).
MTT edgings do not include plasticisers in its formulation. Our range also includes T-Bar Edging profiles are a high impact decorative material used to finish and seal edges of furniture mainly used in offices furniture, caravans, restaurant areas and shopfitting. The T-Bar Edging comprises of flexible PVC which can be supplied in varying degrees of hardness. T-Bar can be fixed manually or with a semi-automatic edge banding machine.

We offer from our stock range a variety of colours and patterns, plain or wood effects. The minimum order quantity for any of our stock profiles is one roll. For bespoke profiles the minimum order requirement is between 500m and 800m depending on profile and colour selected.

ABS Edging is an impact resistant, mechanically and thermally robust high grade thermoplastic synthetic material with a positive eco balance. This chlorine-free plastic has a history of successful application in the furniture industry spanning more than 20 years. The outstanding features of ABS

Edging in terms of application, processing and disposal have all contributed to its broad market penetration, especially in furniture production.